Friday, August 14, 2009

A "CAN DO!" Town

downtown st louis developmentSomething evident in St. Louis is our "Geographical Inferiority Complex" when it comes to development. Some say it's well earned. Others say its overstated.

Last week while traveling down Market Street towards the Gateway Arch and passed CityGarden. I was telling my sister, visiting from Albequerque, about how cool our newest downtown destination was. Her experience living in New York City, Phoenix and Albequerque prompted a comment about how controversial that type of project can be. That got me thinking. Here was a project that was being planned and completed over several years and not only was it not controversial, it didn't really seem to have much fanfare, positive or negative, until it was done (LoftsintheLou post from 10/2007).

What's better is that the talk of the town now is sprucing up the rest of downtown to keep up with those fantastic two blocks. The contrast between CityGarden and the surrounding blocks is blatant. Just today the St Louis Beacon published a good story about the movement underway to continue what was started or re-started with CityGarden. While any time development is proposed or discussed, one can't get their hopes up too much; not just St. Louis, but anywhere.

The good news is that the forward momentum of our little rennaisance continues to move forward in Downtown St. Louis. The enjoyment of our city will continue to grow and prosper. To all the doubters, "It Can Be Done!"

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