Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today's Action

Between the Cardinals game this afternoon and my open house at the Banker's lofts from 12-2, one wouldn't think there was room for anything else downtown, but what does one know?
Downtown st louis events
Metropolis is an organization that is hosting "The Lot" and a worthy event it is. Who would want to miss the Funky Butt Blues Band?

Really though, the mission of Metropolis has always inspired me in that St. Louis should never have become a place where entire generations sole focus is to move away. While it seems that the city and downtown's re-birth seems to be happening naturally by participation of several types of entities (government, quasi-government, developers, businesses and residents), the voice of Metropolis has been a positive force throughout the past decade worth hearing.

Happy Birthday to Metropolis and Come on out and enjoy the LOT!!

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