Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Online Free Downtown

downtown st louis amenitiesI heard on KMOX this morning that the new free wireless access was available today. I didn't see any news online about it, so I decided to log on when I had a chance.

Having just been on a trip, I really value having this service here.

It only took me a couple minutes while parked at 9th and St. Charles to not only create an account but to add this post. In adding the account, look for "STLMETROFREE" networks. There were about 5 of them to choose from. There's also the opportunity to buy a membership for faster access, VPN ability and no ads. (although the ads are just a large bar on the top of the screen, hardly a nuisance).

Only 19 hours left, but still nice for the occasional need to access the web while on the run in downtown St. Louis.

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