Monday, March 03, 2008

Anti-Frigid Sales

St. Louis Lofts
So the winter months aren't supposed to be the ideal time for home shopping. Winter was over this weekend when almost 30 people came to our open house, but now winter must be back.

That could really be ok.

This year the real estate market was alive and well during the winter months. The market has changed, buyer's are more savvy and demanding. Writing an offer doesn't always mean a buyer is committed to a property. Things are different but they keep moving forward. Looking at properties under contract, it appears that seller's are allowing buyer's to extend closing dates for longer periods. Much of the winter activity still has yet to officially close.

The Syndicate has started move ins since the beginning of the year. While those sales weren't all included in the MLS, it's great to see a long dormant building with a new life.

Here are the Downtown St. Louis Loft Sales for January and February 2008.

210 N 17th St #309----------------------------------------------------79,900
210 N 17th St #307----------------------------------------------------81,200
1501 Locust St #902--------------------------------------------------125,000
210 N 17th St #305---------------------------------------------------126,100
1511 Locust #104-----------------------------------------------------160,000
2201 Washington Ave #504---------------------------------------------164,600
1709 Washington Ave #801---------------------------------------------165,000
901 Washington Ave #508----------------------------------------------195,000
314 N Broadway #1704-------------------------------------------------199,900
1015 Washington Ave #301---------------------------------------------213,436
2201 Locust St #305--------------------------------------------------222,000
1123 Washington Ave #707---------------------------------------------232,500
1015 Washington Ave #403---------------------------------------------240,900
1015 Washington Ave #501---------------------------------------------243,153
1136 Washington Ave #605---------------------------------------------260,000
315 N 11th St #801---------------------------------------------------270,000
901 Washington Ave #607----------------------------------------------272,000
1015 Washington Ave #406---------------------------------------------273,600
400 S 14th St #1115 -------------------------------------------------535,000

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