Saturday, February 09, 2008

New York Style.....coming right up!

restaurant developments downtown St. Louis
Last year around this time, a gentleman with big plans to open up a New York style pizzaria with a totally unique style discussed his vision with me at a loft showing. This weeks St. Louis Business Journal mentioned it in the Shoptalk section. Scheduled to open up April 1, the location will be at 1131 Washington. That seems to be in the Washington Avenue Apartments building or next door to the Flamingo Bowl. Earlier talks of a 24 hour diner located at that location sounded great too. Having both would really be awesome.

The most attractive part of the concept is that the new pizzaria will sell a good amount of "pizza by the slice." Having a place that caters to the immense amount of foot traffic on Tucker and Washington will be a phenomenal success as well as a benefit to the area.

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