Sunday, September 23, 2007

Corporate Relocation, Downtown Style

Centene Corporation announced its plan to move to Downtown St. Louis and into Ballpark Village.

In hearing about the original plans of Ballpark Village, it seemed that there was a missing piece. Cordish and Cardinals exec's talked about the site attracting people all year long, not just during baseball season. They also mentioned that the towers that seemed to excite so many were really optional, and that they would be built as part of the protracted development AFTER all the parking, retail and entertainment was established. At the time, it seemed as if we needed another element, like a corporate headquarters. Having a few, or maybe 1200 more people showing up for work, dining in the restaurants, using the space will undoubtedly help such a monumental project to really establish itself into the area.

There's certainly going to be those who agonize over the fact that approximately $102 million worth of subsidies are a part of the $250 million overall deal. I tend to agree with the mayor on this one. This move, assuming it comes together completely, is one big piece of the urban renaissance taking shape. The payoffs for the region and the city will surely outweigh the costs.

Now we can focus on getting pro-soccer and the NBA!

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