Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Calling All Green Thumbs......And Everyone Else!

St. Louis lofts
Spring in Downtown St. Louis is fantastic for (at least) two reasons. Awesome Cardinal baseball, and the gardening work of Urban Roots/Gateway Greens. With the past few weeks of downturns in the Cardinal Nation, we're really going to have to rely more on the gardeners.

This weekend is the date!!!

I got a letter from Mayor Slay asking for money yesterday, and found the website today to contribute the more valuable and more rewarding thing: TIME. My favorite word is BOTH.

As Mayor Slay mentioned, our work to help beautify the city by planting a few gardens has a positive effect on our economy, our own experience, and most importantly, REAL ESTATE VALUE!!! Let's all get out and plant. CYA there!

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