Friday, September 08, 2006

Downtown's Most Important Event of the Year!

Downtown St. Louis ResidentsDowntown, like every neighborhood in every city, has its issues. The time to really air things out seems to be on the immediate horizon.

Thanks to the good work by the Downtown St. Louis Residents Association, their group wide meeting next Thursday will host Phyllis Young and Lewis Reed, two of the Alderman serving downtown and Kevin Farrell of the Downtown St. Louis Partnership. If you care about downtown and want to be a part of the positive changes happening, BE THERE!

As the downtown population continues to grow, it is important for the new residents to appreciate what has already been accomplished by The Residents banding together to make downtown a better place to live. While there may be lots of other people standing up to take credit for what has happened to our inner city, the vision of the people who live here HAS TO BE HEARD above all the rest of the hoopla. As the population grows, so can the positive benefits of this organization.


Thursday September 14th, at 6:30pm. Webster University Old Post Office Campus, classroom 2.

To Join DSLRA its just $7.50 after July 1.

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