Monday, June 12, 2006

Spring Loft Tour Day 2

Loft realtors in St. Louis
On the frozen tundra of Washington Avenue we set up shop for day 2 of the tour. The much cooler and breezy weather paid off. It seemed like there were more people out and about than on day 1 when the Komen race brought in 64,000 people.

My overall impression of the attendance this year was that it was lighter than last spring, but more of the people that came stated they wanted toAwesome loft downtown
buy. People seemed really excited about what they were seeing and really were impressed with the area. We felt that there were more "empty-nesters" that are really excited to live downtown.

Some of the feedback we got from people was that they liked the re-sale lofts we had open more than some of the new construction displays. Despite that, of the developer's I've talked with so far, most of them are optimistic. Traffic was really good at the Avienda and Bogen. Most of the developments that have move-ins within the next 12 months are ahead of their sales forecasts also. From where I stand, the St. Louis loft market is in great shape.

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