Friday, November 18, 2005

Best View in Town!

Best Loft View in St. LouisLast week we listed a loft in the Terra Cotta Lofts. I had been in the building so many times, that I was suprised how the view from unit 905 struck me. Sometimes views can be over rated. Sometimes the space can speak for itself. In this case the space is and the view is captivating! The first agent that went through it told us it won't last long. Here's the MLS listing of the unit.

Unit 905 has plenty of space (1495 square feet), is a 2 bedroom 2 full bath and has granite counters and laminate wood flooring. Tax abated (only $330/year!) This is one of the few loft buildings where some of the units have a decent view of the arch. Regardless, this type of loft makes me grateful for working downtown.

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