Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Downtown Style, Downtown

1015 Washington Ave. #305 kitchenDorsa Lofts for sale1015 Washington Ave. #305 Dining Room

1015 Washington Ave. #305 balcony1015 Washington Ave. #305 master bath1015 Washington Ave. #305 Living room

Dorsa Lofts #305

This loft came on the market recently, and has a great vibe, great location and is part of a really nice association.  

As a Dorsa Lofts owner, I feel very fortunate that the building fared so well with its history.

Being built out in 2006-7, this building hit the market just in time for the great recession.   Most of the units were unsold, and several units that had been reserved by Pyramid never made it to the closing table.   Pyramid ended up folding and so did Premier Bank, the bank that took over.   

No one purchased this asset in the sell-off of Premier Bank by the FDIC, so all the units were sold by the FDIC one by one (Thankfully) to owner occupants ONLY.   This was the saving grace of the Dorsa Lofts.   Premier Bank had been trying to broker a deal with a real estate investor, which ultimately would cause the building to be non-warrantable.   Other buildings with large investors in them have fared poorly, most notably so, for the original purchasers.  

The FDIC didn't mess around when it came to selling.   Lofts were on the market for a few weeks, then incremental, large price drops of 5-10% on each unit, almost every week, until the building was sold out.  While this initial strain caused fear with the original owners, it paid off in the long run.   

Today the Dorsa Lofts have maintained a stable group of residents, maintained their building expenses, and have improved their reserves annually.   They will benefit tremendously from the up coming improvements to the streetscape and surface lots to the north when the Convention Center is upgraded

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Welcome to Lord Stanley... Downtown's newest resident!

This playoff season has been an awesome reminder of all the amazing St. Louis Blues teams of the past, how hard they worked, and how in many cases they still support the team and want great things for our city.    

It was also a reminder of the many disappointments and fears through the years, like when they were being sold and relocated, or when they had amazing regular seasons only to loose quickly in the playoffs.   Celebrating today brings a ton of gratitude for the people in Blues history that did what they could to keep hockey in St. Louis.   Winning the Stanley Cup, and just having played in the finals after this cinderella season is just what the doctor ordered for this franchise and for St. Louis.   See you all at the parade downtown!!!           GO BLUES!!!  #playGLORIA 

Some Awesome Places in and around downtown to Enjoy Blues Hockey in 2019-2020 Season
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 Downtown Deluxe Penthouse

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